Sunday, May 26, 2013

How did we get here?

Hi all! My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for four years now. The issue is that the tube is so narrowed, it is damaging my eggs, resulting in miscarriage and stillborn twins. We want very few things more than to add to our wonderful family! We have found a Dr. who can & will perform the surgery with up to a 70% success rate. We are trying to save the funds for the surgery and travel. Insurance does not cover it and we have to travel to North Carolina for this specialty clinic. We need your help! We are saving EVERY penny and have even opened a home business to contribute to the cost of this surgery. You can find our site here: We sell MUCH more than candles and ALL proceeds are deposited into our surgical fund. We simply can't afford IVF. We are both college graduates, have secure careers, are healthy and drug & alcohol free. We are reaching out now as we realize we can't do this alone. We thank you SO much for opening your heart and any help you can provide to help us reach our goal and expand our awesome little family! Love and many blessings to all of you, George & Khrysti Cantrell

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