Monday, December 9, 2013

The Minimum Wage Increase Debate in the U.S.

Hi all! A subject of hot debate right now is the potential to increase The United States Minimum Wage. The President has decided to support a bill to increase the minimum wage here to $10.10 USD per hour from $7.25 USD per hour.
Naturally, a LOT of U.S. citizens, and even those who aren't, have a lot to say about it. Many argue that if we raise the minimum wage, prices for everything will increase. The most heated argument in recent years is over the issue of this potential wage increase. Of course, those with the most to say are the people who make well above the minimum wage and still want to hoard their millions instead of paying for cost of living increases. Some fast food workers have also gone on strike in an effort to have their wages raised to $15 USD per hour. Additionally, a meme (photo) of military workers, gun in hand in a battle zone with the quote by Sarah Palin claiming that our Military makes LESS than minimum wage and people expect to make $15 USD per hour for 'flipping a burger'. Following is my personal opinion on the situation.
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For those who are whining and complaining about raising the minimum wage, you need a reality check. Have YOU tried to support a family on minimum wage? Minimum wage at PART TIME because companies can't 'afford' to offer insurance for full time employees due to Obamacare? I know, your next argument will be that the ones who want a raise should go to college and get better jobs. Let me tell you that I have a college education, a good amount still yet to pay in student loans and am not working in my field. Not even close to my field because there are no openings after having to leave my last position because services were transferred to another county to cut costs. I have friends who live in Canada who are nothing short of astonished at the way the U.S. treats their citizens. In fact, one of my Canadian friends said, "It's really sad. It's almost like the U.S. wants their citizens broke, sick and homeless." I'm not saying pay $15 an hour but a reasonable increase is way past due. I think $10 per hour is reasonable. Do you realize that while the cost of living has increased at a dramatic and consistent rate, minimum wage has increased by pennies on the dollar during all that time? Increasing the minimum wage would also cut down on welfare dependency, thereby decreasing the funds spent on it. Those funds could help with other things this country desperately a decent, EFFECTIVE health care system. There is a serious problem when the CEO's of some companies, including a local one here, make over a half million dollars a year PLUS stock options and 'bonuses' so he/she can golf, ski and take vacations; while their employees are struggling to keep food on the table. Many companies don't even offer *small* Christmas bonuses, not necessarily monetary in nature, to the employees who bust hump all year long to keep the CEO's in their million dollar homes and vacations. It's ridiculous. Yes...I saw the post from Sarah Palin about Soldiers making less than minimum wage. What PLANET is that on?? I can tell you, for a fact, as a spouse of a Navy Veteran, it's not this country at least. Stop whining about increasing the minimum wage and do what's right so EVERY family can thrive, not just the ones deemed important by others with their own interests at heart.
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~~~~~~As you can see, I'm less than pleased with the current wage here in the U.S. and the debate about whether to raise it. I'm absolutely disgusted by Sarah Palin's blatant LIE to further her own agenda. I have friends who cannot provide a Christmas for their families because they can't afford it. I'm not talking about a small fortune in Christmas gifts and an extravagant dinner with a ski trip to Aspen. I'm talking about a decent meal and a Christmas help get into the spirit. I realize that is not what Christmas is about and so do they but would you like to see the heartbreak on their faces as they try to explain to their families that Christmas will not happen this year? Would you like to see their children's faces as they try to explain, without breaking into tears themselves, why Santa won't visit their homes? All of this happens in homes around America as CEO's are jetting off to other countries for Christmas vacation holidays. Maybe the working class should trade places with the CEO's for a day and see what happens to the wages in this Country after that day. It likely won't happen but it's something to ponder. So long for now, K

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