Monday, June 24, 2013

Kitties with Chicken and Fish

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Hi everyone!'s been an eventful week here at home. About a week ago, we adopted two of the cutest kitties ever! One, the girl, is white with a little grey-ish streak on the top of her head and the other, a boy, is solid black. We tried to adopt another kitty earlier in May but that fell through so we got these little angels from a friend. The first day/evening with us, Diva and Zodiac spent a good part of the time exploring the house and figuring out where things are. As the night approached, we got them to come out with us and gave them lots of kitty cookies. They rewarded us of course, by keeping us up ALL night playing. lol We didn't mind. I cuddled and played with them, gave them cookies and gave them some toys. That next day was fairly mellow. Zodiac got up on our bed and had his little paws stretched out on my pillow, his lower half tucked under the blanket. He's made himself comfy. Diva, on the other hand, wasn't so social at first. We had to the block every room but the living and our bedroom off because she crawled behind the water heater, then tried the stove and was making me nervous, then she went under the fridge. That was the end of that and I proclaimed it was time to block it off. She didn't spend long out with us though. She would come out periodically and just meow insanely for a second, we'd 'rescue' her from the awful, terrible floor, put her on the bed with us, then she'd jump off and go hide again. lol About 1pm, we realized we hadn't seen them for about an hour, hour and a half and searched the house exhaustively for them but couldn't find them anywhere. As George told me that they must've gotten out somehow, I denied that there was any way for them to get out, sat at my computer and realized that I was trying not cry. :( After George noticed this, he got back up to search again. After a few minutes, George came back with happy, sleepy kitties in hand. It seemed that Diva and Zodiac decided they were SO comfy that they would like to nap in a box propped up against the wall where I make the items for Knotty Wicks ( That night, same tale. When they finally calmed down for what was left of the night, they slept between our pillows.
Source~~Google Images The third day with us, they were settled in just like family. Now, they REALLY got rowdy! ;) They would eat themselves silly between the kitty food and kitty cookies then sleep most of the day. At night though....that was a different story. lol Once the lights go out in the house for the night, it is KITTY P-A-R-T-Y TIME! We try to get them to calm down for the night by cuddling but that doesn't always work. We all enjoy the cuddle time just the same. Yesterday, as I was working at my laptop, Diva climbed up on to my shoulder and watched the screen as I typed. I looked at her, smiled and leaned over just slightly so she wouldn't fall off. ;) So, we've settled into our new role as kitty parents and are used to the miniature yet vocal meows to let us know it's time to eat, time to get in our laps, time to get on a bed, time whatever THEY want. ;) Today, we gave them a little bit of fish. Then, after dinner, George picked a little bit of chicken breast off of his dinner and hand fed it to Diva and Zodiac. We often give them kitty cookies from our hands but Diva seems to think my fingers look like kitty cookies so we have started putting it down for them. They LOVED both the fish and chicken. They also seem to like the smell of pickles as they meow uncontrollably if one of us is eating a pickle. lol Yes, we admit that our kitties are spoiled silly but we wouldn't have it any other way. <3 <3 So long for now! Khrysti

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