Sunday, July 7, 2013

Destined for Heaven Memorials

Hi all! Knotty Wicks Candles and The Cantrell Family Fundraiser is now offering Memorial Candles personalized with a photo of your loved one on them. The photos are electronically submitted so the bereaved can retain the original, we will print them and attach them to your candles. We are also offering customized Memorial bracelets. For information, please message or call at 719-429-9441. This offer also applies to Moms with angel babies as we have 3 angel babies of our own. We will lovingly accept ANY photos you have. We also have memorial bracelets. Bracelets are available for order on the website here: You can find our Destined for Heaven Memorials page on Facebook here: PLEASE NOTE*** ALL proceeds are credited to our surgical fund to help us have a healthy baby after the stillbirth of our twins!

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